Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Learning Technology Iniciative

Wow!!! Is what I can say about Maine´s Learning Technology Iniciative I really hope to see something similar in my country.

This month I´m taking Evo 07 sessions and I´m already excited that training will start in one week. All the moderators and co-moderators are great. I hope to meet many of you there.

I am constantly receiving emails on training courses. That´s why I thought that it would be a great idea to share with other ESL teachers seminars, conferences, workshops or courses worlwide.
I created a yahoo group on Professional Development for Teachers. I hope that together we are able to share and learn how to incorporate IT into our classes.

Click here to join professionaldevelopmentforteachers
Click to join professionaldevelopmentforteachers

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Berta said...

dear Jennifer, Nice to see you here too. I beg to differ about Blogger and Wordpress. Each has nice features but I find Wordpress restricting in not allowing html code embbeding in posts, something so easy to do in Blogger.
The static page feature is really a great one, as well as the passwords that could be place in posts, pages, etc., and the roles different participants can have.
See you around, dear friend,
Warm regards, Berta