Saturday, August 05, 2006


I just came across this expression and would like to share it with you.

Technology will never replace teachers -- but, those who use technology will replace those who do not.

What do you think about it?


Claudia Bellusci said...

Hi, Jenny! I'm so happy to see new blogs being born in the group all the time. You'll see how fascinating it is to make new far-reaching and inspiring contacts in blogosphere.
In reference to the quote in your post,I don't know whether teachers who use technology will replace teachers who do not. But I think no teacher should disregard this powerful means of teaching and learning. We should all be "in" and authorities should revise curricula to make sure all teachers get a good training on technology for education. Meanwhile, these kind of groups cover most of our expectations. don't you think so?
Hope to read you often.

CarlaR said...

Hi Jennifer,

I think that the first part of the quotation is especially important, since many teachers are afraid of technology exactly because they think it will replace them. This is a deeply rooted misconception that I hope we will help eradicate as we spread the word on the benefits of the integration of CMC tools and other web-based materials in language learning.

Thanks for sharing this with us and congratulations on your blog!

Carla R.

Gladys Baya said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Jennifer! I'm sure it'll a rewarding experience (also frustrating at moments, for sure!). I do hope the quote you've posted here becomes true eventually, for there's a world of learning potential in genuine integration of technology into the teachning-learning process!


Illya said...

Hi Jennifer
Your blog looks great!
I found the things you put on it thought-provoking. The most recent quote is a good one. I think this will be true, and I find it exciting to be in such a dynamic group while discovering more about technology. This is so much different than attending a course, there is so much learning through sharing, though sometimes it's overwhelming as well.

Still, there are times when I think about DOGMA teaching - using only what you have in the classroom, no or little technology, etc- basically back to the roots, and think that it would be equally interesting and challenging to teach this way.
But why not do both!?! Each put to use with clear objectives.

Sorry to gab away here :-)