Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am writing this post directly from Flock. I´m not struggling with all my passwords. From here you enter directly all the blogs that you want and all your favourite bookmarks.
Just open a file in your Flock navigator and start writing. It´s a piece of cake!!!!

I´ve started another Blog with Wordpress. It´s part of the assigments for Open Webpublishing at EVO. If you want to take a look at it. It´s about My Technology Integration journey.

In Wordpress:
- You don´t have to know about programming. It´s easy to use and the tutorials are excellent. -You have great videos that walk you through this new blogging experience.

-Best features
-You can have static pages where you generally write about yourself, projects, upcoming events etc.
-To upload videos and pictues it´s simple.( you can´t use slideshare)

Try it yourself and you will see that it´s easier than using Blogger.

1 comment:

jonathanboutelle said...

No slideshare? bah!
(Their office is a BLOCK from us. Literally. I must shout at them ;->).

It is a nice browser though.